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NOTE Keep the original cover somewhere safe. Installation of the duplex unit is now completed. After installing the Duplex Unit, update the options configuration of the printer on docuprint c525 a [Options] tab of the [Properties] dialog box. The toner image for each color is developed on the Drum and transferred docuprint c525 a the Belt intermediate transfer unit. Superposing the color images on the Belt realizes full-color printing.

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This machine's print process consists of the following basic steps: 1 Electrical charge: Charges the Drum surface with electrical charges. The Drum docuprint c525 a is evenly charged with negative electricity by DC bias voltage. The laser diode emits one beam of laser light.

Laser light is output only when the print data is composed of pixels small dots forming a text, image, etc. The laser diodes for the parts that will be developed with toners are lit up, while the diodes for the parts that will not be developed are lit off. The Drum surface exposed to the laser light becomes a conductor, docuprint c525 a which negative electric charges flows towards positive side on the Drum and counteract with positive electric charges, resulting in potential drop on the Drum surface. This lower docuprint c525 a parts forms an electrostatic latent image. The developer in the Developer Assy is beat with a spiral stirrer called Auger and supplied to the Magnet Roll, which is placed in neighborhood on the Drum surface. Beating generates frictional electric charges toner becomes negative and carrier becomes positive and they magnetize each other and fuse.

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Since the docuprint c525 a is a magnetic substance, it is magnetized by the Magnet Roll and forms even layers through the Trimmer Blade. Since the potential of the electrostatic latent image that has been formed on the Drum by exposure is relatively positive, the negatively charged toners on the Magnet Roll are magnetized to form a toner image.

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Chapter 10 Machine Overview To keep appropriate development density, the equivalent amount of toner docuprint c525 a the one consumed must be filled from the Toner Cartridge to the Developer Assy. This filling is called "toner dispense". This machine has 4 Developer Assy, which are placed docuprint c525 a degree intervals on a circle.

By rotating the Rotary Frame Assy, the Developer Assy for each color is opposed to the Drum to form a toner image for the color. This is called "Rotary Development Method". To maintain the electrostatic charge, a small amount of carrier is mixed in toner of a Toner Cartridge. While the toner and carrier is supplied at toner dispense, the deteriorated carrier in the Developer Assy is collected in a separate compartment in the Toner Cartridge. This is called "Trickle Development Method". The trickle development is performed by using the Rotary Frame Docuprint c525 a rotation at rotary development.

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The trickle development mechanism is shown below. The 1st BTR contacts the rear side of the Belt and supplies positive electricity on the side.

The toner images on the Drum surface that have been negatively charged are magnetized by the positive electricity on the rear side docuprint c525 a the Belt and transferred from the Drum to the Belt. Since the remaining toner on the Drum surface becomes an obstacle for the subsequent processes, the Cleaning Blade that is in contact with the Drum sweeps off the remaining toner and collects it in the Cleaner Box. docuprint c525 a

It has positive charge from the HVPS.DocuPrint C A Drivers & Downloads. Not your product? Search again.


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