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I don't know exactly when it stopped working, but I suspect that a Windows update or an Asus update is to blame; maybe some default in the BIOS was changed.

The three USB ports work fine. Wireless network — works partially with the rtsta driver included in the Debian. From Gentoo Wiki. Display Resolution Abbreviation.

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Intel GMA Memory Allocation Technology. Asus was always in the front row and characterized the development of the netbooks like no other manufacturer. With every size and price increase, we moan about the Eee moving away from its roots as an ultra-cheap netbook, asus eee pc 1000h sd card reader the simple truth is you really do notice every extra inch each revision adds, and the benefits that go with it. DDR2 onboard [ citation needed ]. Even though the Intel ULV ultra asus eee pc 1000h sd card reader voltage processor doesn't require a good heatsink, the other Intel memory, graphics, and IO controllers can produce the same or more heat than the processor. My idea was to use the third best heat conducting material, copper, between the chip and casing. The copper plate I found had a 1 mm thickness and just thin enough to fit.

I measured and sketched out the appropriate shapes for each chip. It would be hard to have one continuous plate covering all three because there are SMD components, screws and connectors holes between the chips. To cut out the plates I used a big old steel paper cutter.

Asus Eee Pc H with Debian Lenny (testing) - René Seindal - Living in Venice

To help the heat transfer from the copper plate to the aluminum shield, I carefully removed the old thermal pads using a razor blade and placed them on the aluminum shild spots. Before applying thermal grease, cleaning the surfaces with Isopropanol is perfect way to remove any residue. I applied a thin layer of Artic Asus eee pc 1000h sd card reader 5 thermal compound on top of all the three major chips. A razor blade will even out the bumps and excessive compound.

ASUS Eee PC 1000H - 10" - Atom N270 - Win XP Home - 1 GB RAM - 160 GB HDD Series Specs

Last thing was to align and make sure the plates didn't move while putting on the top the casing. The case bulges a little but not too much to be an annoyance or affect the appearance. When the lid is closed, the front panel slightly touches the keyboard. Notice that these pictures are without the corner screws from the underside and will asus eee pc 1000h sd card reader. Tests showed that the processor temperature stayed the same, while the ambient air temperature increased degrees.

ASUS Eee PC H GO - 10" - Atom N - Win XP Home - 1 GB RAM - GB HDD Series Specs - CNET

The new plates helped to distribute the heat away from the chips but the cramped space and small fan couldn't dissipate the heat fast enough. Installing all the devices above except the modem takes some time.

Empty Slots. RAM Memory Speed. Memory Specification Compliance. The Eee H has added, in comparison to the Eeeapprox. This newly gained and very valuable space is practically entirely used by a new keyboard.

Asus departs, therefore, from the single rowed return key, as well as from the hardly useable, due to being very narrow, cursor key in the 9" version of the Eee PC. The new keyboard presents itself as immensely user-friendlywhich can be primarily ascribed to the now reasonable key size. Apart from a few keys, these have now a passable and good to use size of 1.


The right ctrl key, as well as the right shift key are the only ones to be criticized for their size, having asus eee pc 1000h sd card reader earned a bit more space. Generally, the keyboard receives a very good grade after completing our tests, which included very intensive typing. Touch typing wasn't a problem on the new keyboard, either, and could convince with a very pleasing pressure feeling and a discreet noise level. As the 9" model, the H has a touchpad with multi-touch function.

Basically, this means nothing else than that the touchpad recognizes more contact points simultaneously in the case of the Eee H a maximum of two. Step 1: Test the Card reader in a different port to see if the port is damaged. Thanks for marking this as the answer. Monitor Diagonal Size. Audio Output Compliant Standards.

High Definition Audio. All the necessary prerequisites were taken care of by the Debian Eee Pc installer. The keyboard has some special keys, which are handled by a special eeepc ACPI module. Apparently the default setup is for the latest Alsa release, but not the one used by the 2. Hard Drive Capacity. Monitor Diagonal SDHC card from my cellphone into the card slot (with adapter).

to the drivers ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Eee - ASUS Eee PC H I. Try here> ?SLanguage=en-us.

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