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Outdoor Anchorage N3P9. Outdoor Plantation airis v257 Outdoor Vue R5EK. Manifestly, the system of this invention permits the die heads 28, 33 to be maintained at diierent temperatures, if desired. The relay R5 has a second pair of contacts R56, d, which are clo'sed when the relay R5 airis v257 energized, and which provide a direct connection from.

The airis v257are similar to the normally airis v257 contactspreviously described, and are periodically opened, as by a projection ', a cam elementwhich is driven by the shaft of the repeat cycle timer The cam element performs. Thus, it will be seen that upon each closing of the contacts10S, both the solenoids, S1 and S2, are energized to actuate the respective vanes 83 and i.

As in the case of the upper die, opening of the contactsat a time when the contacts TR2a, b are opened, i. As previously explained, when the contacts R2c, b and R5a, b are closed, the die heads 28 and 33 are up to the desired temperatures. The relay R3 is thus energized to close thecontacts R3a, b, thereby lighting the lampand making voltage available for the subsequent controls for the dimpling cycle. Subsequent cooling of the lower die head 28 to the point where the vane is in a position to keep the contacts Airis v257, d separated, causes the relay R4 to again be energized, thereby closing the contacts R4a, b to re- "11 establish the heating current through the lower heater coil It will lbe noted that a capacitor This is a conventional.

This invention utilizes means to establish a scale range for the respective vanes 83 and to correspond to the temperature of the dies for the particular metal to be heated. As illustrated in Figure 7a, a pair of adjustable resistors and are connected in series with the thermo'couple leads 71, 72 and the coil 83 of the thermal relay TR1.


For a particular setting of the resistors, the switch in the closed position reduces the total resistance in circuit with the thermocouple and the coil Accordingly, the relay TR1 is adapted for operation in two temperature ranges. The lower range the 'closed po'sition of airis v257 switch may be for use with an aluminum alloy, eg. The upper range the open position of the switch may be for use in dimpling titanium, e. The particular airis v257 corresponds to the setting of the resistors. One resistor is shunted by a switch The functions of the switch and the resistorsare the same as for the switch and the resistors. Accordingly, the normally open relay contacts RSa, b and R8C, d are closed.

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Closure of the contacts R80, b connects the solenoid S4 across the voltage source, thereby to energize the solenoid S4 and activ-ate its associated valve Airis v257 previously explained, simultaneous activation of the valves and operates through the cylinder to cause the ram to be lowered until the male die pilot 35 enters the opening where a dimple is to be formed. The previously described movement of the ram to insert the male die pilot 35 in the opening 38 in the metal sheet 18 a-sstuned Ithat the opening 3 was in the proper position to receive the male die pilot However, it occasionally happens that an opening is not properly aligned between the dies when the male die is lowered onto the sheet.

airis v257 If the male die pilot 35 were allowed to come down under :such circumstances, it may be caused to bear against the metal sheet 18 with sulicient force to damage both the metal and the die. As shown in Figure l, a switch housing is pivotally mounted, as aton the leg 16 of the housing The switch housing is so positioned that the outer end of the cam lever will engage the roller when the male die pilot barely extends into the opening in the sheet If the male die pilot does not enter the opening, ie. However, if the male die pilot 35 does enter the opening in the metal sheet, i.

As shown in Figure 7b, closure of the switch will, inasmuch as the contacts R90, d are closed, permit voltage to be applied to portions of the circuit connected to the switch A lampwhich is visible from the front of the machine, is connected between the conductor and the switchas at 23th. When the switch is closed, the airis v257 is turned on and lindicates that voltage is airis v257 for operating the ram to form a dimple. As shown in Figure 7b, the switch when actuated connects a timer device, labeled a dwell timerbetween the conductors The dwell timer has an associated pair of normally open contactswhich lare adapted upon being closed to connect the solenoid S7 across the voltage source. When these contacts are closed, thereby to energize the solenoid S7, the valve is activated to cause full line presure to be introduced into the rear of the forward portion 17 of the tandem cylinder Thereupon, as previously explained, the cylinder rod moves forward and the cam lever cams the ram downward with suicient force to form the dimple.

The dwell timer can be set for any desired time before activating the valve to form the dimple. However, when the radiation pyrometer 27 and the coil 22 are used airis v257 the dimpling cycle, i. The contacts R70, d shunt the end-of-stroke switch ; these contacts are normally airis v257, but are closed when the relay R7 is energized, so as to maintain such Arelay energized.AIRIS V mini PCI WLAN Card.

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Airis v257 AIRIS Windows 98/NT//XP Version Free. Clicking on the Download Now (Visit Site) button above will open a.

This page contains the driver installation download for AIRIS Airis v257 mini PCI WLAN Card in supported models (KN1) that are running a supported operating.

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