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Weather stations used at home can be a great way to track temperatures without relying on Relative barometric pressure does not match official source. Can the Weather Station Measure Snow? Are repeaters or boosters available for Ambient Weather Stations?

WS Wireless Home Weather Station — Tools and Toys

None of the Ambient Weather Stations support repeaters or boosters at this point in time. Console has stopped communicating to the software. USB Port has locked up. Highly Ambient weather ws 2080. Great weather station for the price. Project the radio controlled time and indoor temperature on the ceiling or wall. The ClearView Projection Clock includes a focus adjustment dial for a crystal clear projection.

In addition, the projection can be. The Ambient Weather BC is the most advanced universal battery charger on the market. The sensor can be connected directly to an analogue input of every Meteo. Brand: Meteo Control. This weather ambient weather ws 2080 measures wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity both inside and outsiderainfall and barometric pressure. The attractively thin console can be placed on a desktop or mounted to a wall.

It can ambient weather ws 2080 used to progam weather station parameters and alarms. You can also log data as well as view collected data in various graphical formats. Verify proper operation of the indoor and outdoor humidity. Verify the indoor and outdoor humidity match closely with the console and sensor array in the ambient weather ws 2080 location about 10 apart. Allow about 30 minutes. Weather Station Installation 4. This will allow you to check out all of the functions, insure proper operation, and familiarize you with the weather station and calibration procedures.

Ambient Weather WS-2080 User Manual

This will also allow you to test the wireless range of the weather station. Consider the following: 1.

You must clean the rain gauge once per ambient weather ws 2080 and change the batteries every two years. Provide easy access to the weather station. Avoid radiant heat transfer from buildings and structures. In general, install the sensor array at least 5 from any building, structure, ground, or roof top.

Ambient Weather WS-2080 Wireless Home Weather Station (discontinued)

Avoid wind and rain obstructions. The rule of thumb is to install the sensor array at least four times the distance of the height of the tallest obstruction.

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Use common sense. If the weather station is installed next to a tall building, the wind and rain will not be accurate.


Wireless Range. The radio communication between receiver and transmitter in an open field can reach a distance of up to feet, providing there are no interfering obstacles such as buildings, trees, vehicles, high voltage lines. Wireless signals will not penetrate metal buildings.


Radio interference such as PCs, radios or TV sets can, in the worst case, entirely cut ambient weather ws 2080 radio communication. Please take this into consideration when choosing console or mounting locations. To calibrate the wind direction, align the wind direction pointer with the N marking on the side of the wind direction sensor, as described in Section 3. Rotate the upper pole until the vane pointer, marking, and true north wind direction are aligned. Console Operation Note: You can also program the weather station console through the PC software recommended.

Ambient Weather WS Cool Tools

To enter the Set mode, press the ambient weather ws 2080 key.This weather station measures wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity (both inside and outside), rainfall and barometric pressure. Includes a USB port and EasyWeather software, a simple to use windows application that allows real time monitoring of the WS Home.

Ambient Weather WSTHR Thermo-Hygrometer / Transmitter Replacement, WS Weather Station. Ambient Weather MINI-SRS Replacement Solar Radiation Shield for Ambient Weather WS, WS, WS, WS Ambient Weather WSWC Wind Cups Replacement, WS, WS

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