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The separations between the rooms are probably not much more than archways, or even furniture, instead of a solid wall containing pipes and ducts with a small doorway. The farther an RF signal has to travel, the slower it moves. So, you need to decide whether distance or speed is more important to 5440 winme. Chapter 5: Look Ma, No 5440 winme Detouring around obstructions Radio waves travel freely in the air until they run up against metal or water.


Both elements stop radio waves in their tracks. However, the metal problem can be serious.

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Plaster walls with metal lath, and walls that hold cast-iron plumbing pipes, frequently interfere with the ability to run a wireless network in a home. Of course, you could replace all the plaster with drywall and replace the drainpipes 5440 winme PVC pipes, but that seems like a bit much just to have a wireless network. Some people have reported that the 5440 winme ducting for heating and air-conditioning systems also interferes with wireless communications. Another actually, more common obstruction that your wireless network may encounter is radio-signal interference. For example, the 2.

In addition, you can experience interference from fluorescent lights. I have friends with wireless networks who send me rather loud, and extremely annoying, clicking noises when they talk to me on their cordless telephones. On my end, the loud clicks drive me crazy. The network problems drive them crazy, because a file transfer can suddenly fail because the connection was interfered with. A less disastrous form of interference comes from any dense obstruction that might be in the path of your wireless signal. For example, a pile of books near the antenna can mess up your wireless signal. Garage doors operate in the MHz range, far away from the ranges used by computer network devices. In this section, I give you an overview of some of these doohickeys. Wireless routers By definition, a router transfers data between multiple networks.

In home networks, you can use a router to move data from one network your home network to another network the Internet. This is how you share a DSL or cable modem 5440 winme connection with all the computers on the network. A wireless router frequently called a wireless local-area network WLAN router has an antenna that captures the signals from all the computers on your wireless network, effectively acting like a hub or a switch. The router also has ports for Ethernet connections.


For most wireless home networks, the Ethernet port 5440 winme used to connect the DSL or cable modem to the router. However, you can also use those ports as a hub for an Ethernet network, essentially combining three networks: the wireless network, an Ethernet network, and the Internet. A router also provides IP addresses to the computers on the local network. The ISP only sees the router, not the individual computers that are on the network. Some 5440 winme even come with built-in firewall capabilities. WLAN routers are easy to install and configure.

You must physically connect 5440 winme unit to a DSL or cable modem using Ethernet cable. The port is usually labeled WAN for wide-area network or Ethernet.

Chapter 5: Look Ma, No Wires Access points An access point is a hardware device that connects the computers on a wireless network to each other like a hub on an Ethernet network and to a single access point on 5440 winme Ethernet network. You can connect an access point to a router, to a hub or switch that connects an Ethernet network, or to an Ethernet adapter in a computer that has connected that adapter to a DSL or cable modem. The access point antenna is more powerful than the antennas on your wireless network adapters and provides a way to extend and speed wireless communications.

The computer that holds the Ethernet adapter that connects the modem also has to have 5440 winme wireless adapter to connect to the network, so you have to install and configure two adapters. I found one access point from D-Link that has the capacity to provide DHCP services, along with other features usually found only in routers. This means you can use the access point instead of a router, and share a broadband connection without having to resort to ICS. The computers connect to the access point via wireless signals.


I 5440 winme that if this access point sells well, other manufacturers may offer the same enhanced access points.18/11/02, Cirrus Logic CL-GD, Win 98, Win 95, Win Me. 18/11/02, Cirrus Logic CL-GD, Win Me, Win 18/11/02, Cirrus Logic CL-GD, Win Me.

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