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LaserJet All the others with factory-installed features as indicated above have 64 MB of memory.

Refurbished HP LaserJet 4100TN 4100 C8051A Printer w/90-Day Warranty

All the others with factory-installed features as indicated above have 64 MB of memory. Job retention features 75 Printing a private job The private printing feature lets a user specify hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn a job is not printed until that user releases it using a 4-digit personal identification number PIN through the printer control panel.


The user specifies the PIN in the driver and it is sent to the printer as part of the print job. Specifying a private job To specify that a job is private from the driver, select the Private Job option and type a 4-digit PIN. Releasing a private hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn The user can print a private job from the control panel.

Repeat these steps to change the remaining three numbers of the PIN. A private job can also be deleted from the printer control panel before it is ever printed. Hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn appears. The user can then print the job at any time through the printer control panel. For example, a user may want to download a personnel form, calendar, time sheet, or accounting form that other users can access and print. To store a print job permanently on the hard disk accessory, select the Stored Job option in the driver when printing the job.

The hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn connection is maintained by positioning the sending infrared FIR port within operating range.

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Note that the connection can be blocked by objects such as a hand, paper, hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn sunlight, or any bright light shining into either FIR port. If your operating system does not have infrared software installed, contact your computer hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn for drivers and installation instructions. Setting up to print with Macintosh computers The first step for setting up an infrared printer is creating a Desktop Printer icon using the Desktop Printer Utility.

In addition, the infrared print capability is possible only with the HP LaserWriter version 8. Hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn the icon is on the desktop or saved elsewhereprinter options need to be manually configured.

This step is essentially the same as selecting Configure after setting up a printer in the Chooser. To set the options, highlight the Desktop Printer icon and hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn Change Setup from the Printing menu. If the status indicator does not light up, realign the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver with the FIR port on the sending device, resend the print job, and maintain the alignment of all devices. If you have to move the equipment for example, to add paperhewlett packard laserjet 4100tn sure that all devices remain within the range of operation to maintain the connection.

If the connection is interrupted before your print job is complete, the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver status indicator turns off. You have up to 40 seconds to correct the interruption and continue the job.


If the connection is resumed within this time, the status indicator lights up again. Note EN The connection is permanently broken if the sending port is moved out of operating range or if anything passing between the ports blocks transmission for more than 40 seconds. This block could be a hand, paper, or even hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn sunlight. Depending on the size of the job, printing with the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver may be slower than printing with a cable connected directly to the parallel port. Printing with the optional HP Fast InfraRed Receiver 81 Interrupting and resuming printing The job interrupt and resume feature lets you temporarily stop the job that is currently printing in order to print another job through an FIR connection. When the FIR job is finished printing, the interrupted job resumes printing.

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To interrupt the job at the hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn, connect to the FIR port on the printer and send a job to the printer. The printer stops printing the current job when it reaches the end of the copy it is printing.

The printer then prints the job sent over the FIR connection.The HP LaserJet tn printer provides customers with hewlett packard laserjet 4100tn product of exceptional value that delivers extended product features which solve customers' specific. Save on our amazing HP® LaserJet tn Printer with Free Shipping when you buy now online. Get our best deals when you shop direct with HP.

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