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Let us know if you liked the post. Please aficio fx16 printer your comment! Aficio fx16 printer enter your name here. Supported Media Type. Standard Media Capacity. Output Trays Capacity. Bypass Feeder Capacity. This completes the printing job. Thermostat The thermostat cuts power if the heat lamp or the heat coil of the heat roller gets too hot. Thermistor The thermistor checks the surface temperature of the heat roller, and keeps regular temperature of the heat roller.

Heat Roller The heat roller gets heat from the heat lamp. Then it heats the surface of the paper. The heat roller is coated with Teflon to not let melted aficio fx16 printer stay on the heat roller. Pressure roller The pressure roller is below the heat roller. It is made of silicon resin, and the surface of the roller is coated with Teflon.

Ricoh Aficio FX16

This lets toner fuse on the paper when paper passes between the heat roller and the pressure roller. Safety Features There are 3 procedures to not let the machine get too hot. Safety device Power is cut to the fusing aficio fx16 printer when the front cover is open. Overheat safety device for customer. Keeps the surface temperature of the fuser cover less than 80C. A caution label is put inside of the rear cover to let the customer find it. It scans the video data it gets from the video controller with laser beam.

It uses the rotation principal of the polygon mirror to put the latent image on the OPC drum. One face of the polygon mirror is for aficio fx16 printer line scanning.


The OPC unit and developer unit are in the same cartridge. The developer unit has toner, toner aficio fx16 printer, supply roller, developing roller, and doctor blade. Toner waste: Electrical static gets the toner.


aficio fx16 printer OPC drum protect shutter: None. The machine knows a new cartridge has been installed when the fuse gets detected. The starter CRU does not have fuse. When the new cartridge is installed in the machine, the machine automatically detects by the fuse that the cartridge is brand-new.

In this condition, aficio fx16 printer to detect toner end is shorter than that for supply CRU. The machine checks the amount of toner with software. The machine counts and adds up black dots as toner consumption.

Ricoh AFICIO FX16 Driver and Utility Download and Update for Windows

The main board sends the current image dlml video data to the LSU. Then the machine manages the electro photography to let the machine print. It has circuits on the drive motor paper feed, passclutch drive, pre-transfer lamp drive, current drive, and fan drive. The signals from the paper feed jam sensor and paper aficio fx16 printer sensor are directly put to the main board. Scan image processing: CCD drive signal and scan motor drive signal.

Aficio FX16

Main function block 1. Capacity: 0. It uses the actuator to do this. It lets the CPU know aficio fx16 printer the paper is empty or not.Device Manager NX · Printer Driver Packager NX · Printer Driver Editor · GlobalScan NX · RICOH Streamline NX · Card Authentication Package · Network Device.

In this page we are going to provide you Ricoh Aficio FX16 Driver Download for printer and scanner as well. The Ricoh Aficio FX16 is an.

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