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Got nice and hot. Couple of minutes, both sides on a HP n jetdirect.

Genuine HP LaserJet 8150 JetDirect 620n Internal Print Server

Webjetadmin sees the MAC again. The fix worked perfectly for me! At the university somebody throwed away a HP Jetdirect N.

I picked it out of the recycle bin and took it home where I put hp jetdirect 610n Into my printers. It wasn't even recognized :- So I saw the hint with the industrial heat gun here and just gave it a try, and it workded perfeclty! Two thumbs up. As soon as the plastic of the Printer-Connector began to melt it stopt it. Perhaps a heat-gun with a smaller output hole would have been even better for this job, but the card works now anyway. That's how they solder the surface mount chips in the factory. Did you think they did all the soldering with a soldering iron? They put the chips on the board and hit it with hot air.

I remember seeing one of the industrial units once at an auction. Add me to the list of hair dryer hp jetdirect 610n Took two applications of heat but it did the job.


Otherwise, it might work. The way I see it, the card is dead.

JetDirect Reference Guide

Heating it up couldn't make it any worse. Hp jetdirect 610n will either resurrect it or it would still be dead. Add me to the list. Th HP printer's EIO port stopped recognizing the jetdirect and showed a solid activity light on card.

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Using a heat gun got it working. I had my doubts at first, but after heating it for about a minute on top and a few seconds on the bottom it worked. The heat gun was strong, so I used low heat about 4" to 5" away from the chip. hp jetdirect 610n

I wonder how long its going to last? Thanks for everyone's input. Using: jetdirect n.


Hi everyone. My brother's lab does a lot of custom prototyping with multilayer boards and surface-mount components, so I talked to him about the heatgun method after my N died. Turns out he uses a precisely-controlled oven for his soldering; he says he'd be worried about hotspots with a hairdryer, not to mention the possibility of literally hp jetdirect 610n the tiny surface-mount resistors off the board once their solder melted. He says it's not at all uncommon to have bad solder joints due to inadequate amounts of solder paste applied to a few pads before the components are stuck on.

His recommendation: - preheat my kitchen oven to fahrenheit mine has a reliable digital readout - a hp jetdirect 610n would also work - remove the plastic bezel and any stickers from the N card - arrange for some kind of support to make sure the top and bottom surfaces of the board are horizontal and completely exposed to air I found 4 screws that fit the holes around the outside edges, attached them so the board looked like a low-standing coffee table - quickly open the oven door, pop the board in, and close the door - wait 5 minutes not much more than 6 for the board to reach degrees - open the door, very gently remove the board solder will be liquid at this point, but surface tension should prevent parts from slipping around if you're carefuland let it cool down to room temperature on its own - re-attach the plastic bezel, and put it back in the printer!

My N that I had totally given up for dead has now hp jetdirect 610n working perfectly for a month, thanks to all you guys. Hopefully this alternate method will prove useful to someone It contained an embedded print server which would listen to lpd, ipp and http connections, as well as telnet for some configuration.

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Page Step 5. Print another Printer Configuration Page or Service Configuration print as described previously in page 15 and verify that Jetdirect Configuration Page information also hp jetdirect 610n.

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Page Step 6.The hp jetdirect n eio internal print server for ethernet/fast ethernet is a simpleupgradable, high-speed solution for sharing an HP printer with an EIO slot. HP JetDirect n Print Server (JA#UUS) $ HP JETDIRECT N 10/ EIO Internal PRT Server JA $ HP JA JetDirect n Print Hp jetdirect 610n JetDirect Card.

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