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Epson Stylus C42UX Ink Jet Printer Inkjet Printers For Work Epson US

No lights flash - just one continuous green light - I deserately need to repair this as i use it for printing invoices and such Start with the basics. With the printer off press and hold the paper feed button. Then turn the power on and after 3 c42 printer release the paper feed button. Then close the locking cover over the newly installed ink cartridge and then simply push in on the paper button, a second time. Check your ink level, just to be sure that it shows up as a full ink cartridge now. Now your printer knows the new ink cartridge has been installed Have your printer turned on, with no paper loaded and leave the top cover open, so you can see the "Print Cartridge Holder Assembly" moving during the next steps.

Ink Cartridges for Epson Stylus C42 Printer

Now simply turn on your printer like normal. Watch inside your printer and you will c42 printer the printhead assembly unlock and start moving towards the left slightly.


As c42 printer moves, unplug your printers power cord from the wall outlet and the printer will shut down. Now that unlocked cartridge holder assembly, can then be manually moved back and forth by hand. Remove the indicated ink cartridge or the possibly incorrectly installed ink cartridge, but c42 printer remove one cartridge at a time, even if both cartridges need to be replaced, or were incorrectly installed. The solid red ink light should now be off, if everything is working correctly.

If you need to install a second ink cartridge, then simply start over and do c42 printer same procedure again. Once the new cartridge or cartridges have been correctly installed, then simply try running a "Nozzle Test" from your Computer System and see if your printer is printing correctly, or not. If it is not printing, or if you simply reinstalled the previously installed cartridges, you can try running sets of "printhead cleaning cycles" and "nozzle tests" to try and get those nozzles to open up again and the ink to start flowing. Just so you will know: All new Epson Ink Cartridges are sealed and there is pressure put in them at the factory. When you install a new ink cartridge, that internal air pressure is what causes any air that got into the nozzles [such as when you removed the old ink cartridge] to be pushed out of the nozzles and primes the nozzles with fresh ink.

If you reinstall the origional cartridge that you removed, it not only has already lost its internal air pressure, but now there is c42 printer inside of the actual printhead nozzles.

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That air starts to dry out any remaining ink inside of the nozzles and that normally results in clogging. Thats why Epson says to always install a New Epson Ink Cartridge, anytime you remove any ink cartridge, even if its full of ink. Also, if the old cartridge was out of the printhead holder assembly for more than 30 minutes, the nozzle may have already started to clog. If you choose to just reinstall an old Epson Ink Cartridge, with no pressure inside it will also be difficult to get the ink to start flowing again. You may have to run 6 to 10 sets of "Printhead Cleaning Cycles" and "Nozzle Tests", to actually be able to get the ink to start flowing correctly c42 printer. The only problem is that running those tests wastes a lot of ink, but you may have nothing to loose at this time. On some models, you could install a new cartridge and run between cleaning cycles and tests and its possible to empty the new cartridge.

You may have to run c42 printer many as 5 or 6 sets of tests, to try and get the Printhead Nozzles to open up again and start printing. Remember c42 printer you have to run a nozzle test after every printhead cleaning test ran, because the nozzle test is used as a point of reference for the next cleaning test you run. If after 6 sets of tests you cannot get the printing to completely start up, Its always possible that you might have a possible clog. Then you might have to try using a "Printhead Cleaning Kit", to try and get all those nozzles open again Denny - Thanks very much for your very detailed explanations. I'll give it all a try with the confidence that it was someone else's idea.

If it still don't work I'll go and buy a cannon and shoot the damn thing! Gentlemen liike you are what the net is all about Geoff - Anonymous. I c42 printer generally had no trouble with my c42 printer up until now, except to say that the ink levels do not show when using the 'Printing Preferences' facility.

Hovever this is not a problem for me as I do realise when the ink cartridges need changing. I have always used c42 printer very good Generic chipped brand of Cartridge as it is very difficult to get Epsom cartridges here at c42 printer vaguely decent prices, and I find them Cost-prohibitive. I have read the information from this website, but have no idea what the waste ink pads are, never mind how to find what I am looking for Sorry, I'm a bit of a technophobe! Also wonder if it is certain that that that IS the problem with the printer? I have NEVER had any messages come up on my computer to tell me anything about the printer whatsoever!

Epson Stylus C42 Plus Ink Cartridges

If anyone can tell me anything about this, and advise me in very simple layman's terms it would be a great hepl, as otherwise I am going to have to buy another Printer, and can little afford that! I use the printer constantly, both for my own business and my Partner's business, and as it is the begining of the month, am desperately trying to get the invoices c42 printer. Geoff: You're welcome!


Thanks for the kind words. I hope that info c42 printer helps your printers problem Thanks Denny, for the information,I will try it all, and see what happens.


Cross fingers for the technophobe!The affordable Epson Stylus® C42UX provides the ideal home printing solution with its user-friendly interface and high-speed operation, plus x Printing letters, reports, cards, newsletters, homework and even photographs in superb quality now could c42 printer be simpler, with the Epson Stylus C42 Plus.

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