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Workstation Performance The is a high-performance worksta- tion designed for 2D graphics-intensive applications.

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The Graphics pro- cessor communicates with the matlab tektronix 7854 tions process, manages graphics peri- pherals and loads the display memory. A high-speed bit slice engine converts co- ordinate geometry into full color results which are displayed on a x or a high-resolution x display at a flicker free 60 Hz refresh rate. Graphics segments, combined with bit graphics coordinate space, allow full detail viewing.

Workstation Performance The Tek is well suited to the draft- ing portion of the design process and ex- cels as a general purpose UNIX bit- mapped graphics workstation. The compute power and system throughput are high, matching its quality matlab tektronix 7854 presentation and display speed. High speed X window system perfor- mance was a key design criteria for the and as a result, user interaction is excellent, with very fast pop-up menus, multiple X windows, client and server tasks and on-line system utilities. A Tbk graphics emulator is supplied with the system to provide compatibility with Tek vector graphics applications. The emulator runs in an X window concurrently with matlab tektronix 7854 X tasks.

VME eXtensions for Instrumentation

Now, in one compact unit, the power of a mainframe is available in a single workstation, closely coupled to the graphics subsystem, without the matlab tektronix 7854 munications overhead of traditional systems. Lower costs, higher performance and user interactivity are the key benefits of the compute engine.


The compute engine provides 2. The fits well into a heterogeneous computer networking environment.

Stan- dard communications ports matlab tektronix 7854 provided. Additional peripherals may be added up to a total of 1. A high speed imbedded SCSI controller insures quick response time and rapid disk access. A variety of Tektronix input devices and high resolution color output printers are available as peripherals to the com- pute engine. Plotters and printers matlab tektronix 7854 nect through standard output ports. Virtual memory of Gigabytes is sup- ported and services are provided for all msyor peripherals.

Tektronix Oscilloscope with Digital Storage

High Performance The Motorola processor provides powerful industry -standard computer performance. Producing 2. Terminal matlab tektronix 7854 Workstation Upgrade Existing Tbk and terminals can be upgraded in the field to graphics workstations by the addition of the compute engine. The can be used as a file server or compute service in a network of graphics workstations. Segment Memory 4 to 52 MBytes of display list memory are supported for quick access to large drawings. RS connection allows flexibility in deploynment of several terminals with the widest range of host options.

The most efficient and highest speed con- nection is to a Tbk workstation, in- tegrating the compute and graphics func- tions together into a closely coupled system as described in the and Graphics Workstation section. Printer Output A high speed printer port provides very fast output to the Tbk D color printer for full color matlab tektronix 7854 images. Other Tbk printers such as the and are also supported. Stereo Optional Stereo displays show 3D images with true depth perception.

Option 32—inch x Color Display. Option 33— Stereoscopic Display. Option 49 — Rental Thg. Option A3— Australian V, 50 Hz.

Option A5— Switzerland V, 50 Hz. The is our lowest cost terminal; the and offer more advanced fea- tures and higher resolution.


The SF is adapted specifically for shop floor, rough and dirty environments. The is a large-screen version matlab tektronix 7854 of the Series Graphics Tsrminals and, in addition, offers video out. The Networked Graphics Terminal is the newest addition to our family of fully compatible graphics display products.

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It combines the best of all the Series terminals with a higher resolution x display. It achieves the fastest matlab tektronix 7854 yet in the low-cost color arena, and offers matlab tektronix 7854 networking capability. Advanced Intelligent Graphics Capability Performance and productivity are im- proved by enhanced segment operations, local zoom and pan, and multiple view functions.Tektronix manufactures arbitrary waveform generators, oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, and other test equipment. You can use MATLAB together with Instrument Control Toolbox as your single software environment to configure, control, acquire, and analyze data from Tektronix.

6 days ago The Tektronix Waveform Processing Oscilloscope, introduced inis a MHz combined analog / digital mainframe in the


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