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Any suggestions?

Download madwifi ar5007eg Combined r, karma and Madwifi ar5007eg patch. The original idea was to copy those bugs over to the kernel bugzilla. Thomas Hotz thotz-deactivatedaccount wrote on. Also, make sure that you have the wireless turned on--that is, usually there's a button to turn wireless on and off.

MadWifi & AREG --no longer working

Though usually, if it's off, scanning won't see anything. The first one I configured wireless with ndiswrapper, this one I cannot get it to work neither with ndiswrapper nor with madwifi. It should not matter, binary part of patch is for HAL and it is the same in and all more recent revisions at least. Here it works for example on madwifi-dfs branch. A readily patched snapshot means: a snapshot of r plus the patch that adds AR support to the i HAL is now available for download. Please, help to reduce the noise in this ticket and move all your support questions to our regular support channels.

Madwifi ar5007eg, I've had to clear out the ticket. Some of you clearly have issues following instructions, which does not bode well for your ability to use this patch, but it definitely does not bode well for your continued use of the ticket.

This is not a general support madwifi ar5007eg for the use of this patch, and it is definitely not a soap box. This ticket should be used for concise, general, and non-redundant information, not discussion.

Atheros AR wireless with madwifi on Ubuntu (Hardy heron) Ubuntu Geek

For clarity, as I sometimes doubt there is, MadWiFi is an entirely separate entity to Atheros, which is none of: the owner, beneficial owner, nominee, trustee or any related or unrelated concept of ownership. The wifi works great on my computer Toshiba U - Gutsy Gibbon. However, it seems to have a bad interaction with the suspend to ram system. As the kernel in gutsy doesn't suspend properly on the madwifi ar5007eg, I am using the 2.

When they are loaded, attempting to suspend the computer kills the wifi connection and the computer is never suspended. The computer also fails to shutdown properly after a failed attempt to suspend it. I believe the suspend to ram issues are related to the ATI drivers memory madwifi ar5007eg. Fixed in the latest release of the drivers from last Thursday. I know I can get the patch and apply it myself and get the kindly provided prepatched version!

  • HOW TO INSTALL AREG(ATHEROS) TO OPENSUSE " Atheros Communications, Inc. Install from YaST as Installation Source, compiling from sources not working, do not use ndiswrapper. It should not matter, binary part of patch is for Aeg and it is the same in and all more recent revisions at least.

    I wnt madwifi ar5007eg install Linux in it, but can't seem to get the wireless to work. If it shows, for example, that you have the net driver installed, remove it. Now remove ndiswrapper. If you have installed it via rpm, use yum -y remove ndiswrapper If you have installed it from source, then cd into the ndiswrapper directory created when you untarred the source download and type make uninstall You should see it search madwifi ar5007eg installations and then echo a message that you should run make uninstall a few more times until you're sure that there's nothing left.

    It seems that modprobe doesn't even have time to say anything useful. Procede at your own risk. That being said, it's unlikely to break anything.

    Therefore, either log in as root or if using su, use su - madwifi ar5007eg a space and hyphen after the su. Download madwifi-hal Specify WEP key is open or shared.


    Remote bug watches madwifi-trac [ wontfix ] Edit madwifi-trac [ invalid ] Edit Bug watches keep track of this bug in other bug trackers. July 5th, I skipped the package-installation bits and did those through synaptic madwifi ar5007eg I was updating the rest of my packages.


    Thanks you!!! Blacklisting mac driver version.The AREG is now supported by the on the site. Reported madwifi ar5007eg [email protected], Assigned to: proski. Priority: minor mentor on 06/22/08 Support AREG (AR) chipset (bits x86 only).

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