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The meetings were later transcribed in a journal, with each being approximately 1h on average. The educational interventions occurred in November, mp4 foston The studied group presented homogenous characteristics, as all mp4 foston the participants were women aged 60 years and over mean The majority 5 had an incomplete elementary education and participated in the group for two to seven years.


As this study constitutes a research-action, the authors divided the results into two different stages: the investigation stage and the action stage. This stage refers to mp4 foston investigation regarding the perceptions of the participants towards leisure, corresponding to the first and second phases described in mp4 foston method section of this study. Leisure was perceived by the group: 1 as a coping strategy for loneliness; 2 as a late development of independence; 3 as a means of socialization and, consequently; 4 as a promoter of mental health.


The authors verified that the main leisure activity of the studied group was playing bingo. In this context, it was perceived that leisure is a behavior style that can be represented by any activity, as long as it is freely executed. Therefore, the separation between leisure and pleasure is not clear, and both are interconnected. As a consequence, leisure is claimed to be a right, as substitution for domestic, conjugal and family obligations, due to the social advances that have reestablished rules for mp4 foston in society.

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Notwithstanding, it is stated that, despite the fact that society shouts for support of work and mp4 foston obligations, there is a social movement embracing the concept of leisure 9. Thus, for most of them, leisure constitutes the most extensive and significant group of activities in this age, even when disease or misery has built obstacles 9. This reality was supported in the studied group. In the focal group, participants verbalized that:. We cannot wait for the day to come, because it feels very lonely at home.

Being here, at bingo, is really friendly. One gets the telephone number of the other, we make friends here. Whenever one of us does not come someone already knows the reason, and if no one does, we call her to find out what happened. That's it. It is really good. When they were asked about what topics they would like to approach in the next meeting, they said we can talk about anything, because we are only among women, there is no problem talking about silly things, if that is the case. At that moment, it was confirmed that the dialogue had been established, in a remarkable way When their opinion was asked mp4 foston this meeting, they verbalized it had made them think ; in addition to allowing them to practice their writing, one of them subtly complimented the group for the quality of the discussion.

Educational Activity 3 dynamics I agree, I disagree and I still do not know allowed the authors to perceive values, attitudes and behaviors regarding coping with the adverse conditions of life and hypertension, as well as the practice and difficulties in leisure, in addition to achieving the educational objective established. Paper cards were used with the sentences I agree, I disagree and I still do not know mp4 foston on them. Three spaces were then defined, separated by an imaginary line.

In each space there was a corresponding note on the wall: I agree, I disagree and I still do not know. Sentences were read one at a time and the participants had to choose in which space to place themselves, according to their opinion. After everyone had placed themselves according to their opinion, they discussed the reason behind their opinions. The sentences presented were: 1- The senior stage is the best stage of life; 2- High blood pressure does not interfere in my life at all; 3- I do not like bingo; 4- I do not like coming to the meetings on Thursdays; 5- I really like meeting new people; 6- I do not like dancing and going out; 7- I cannot eat many things I want to because of my disease; 8- I really like watching television; 9- I know many people who have the same disease and they help me to cope mp4 foston it; I am not mp4 foston of getting sick; I do not like going to church; I love retirement; I love shopping; During the day, I spend many hours with nothing to do; and I would like to have more moments of leisure during the week.

As formative evaluation, it was perceived that the group dynamics stimulated reflection, communication, expression of ideas, respect for the opinions of the others 21 and relaxation.

The participation was significant and intense. Some of the sentences previously mentioned were improvised by the participants, which is an indication of their willingness to participate in the activity cheerfully and in a relaxed manner. Educational Activity 4 bingo took place at all meetings, because it was a practice already enjoyed by the group for several mp4 foston and it was the activity chosen to be executed during this research-action. The group was joined by some other people in addition to the participants of the study, but they were not segregated.

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The authors tried to execute the activities in an open way with whoever wanted to participate. The participants brought with them their bingo cards and prizes, which they called gifts. The participation of the authors was limited to helping them, supporting them and conducting the game without, however, interfering in the rules they already used in playing the game. The formative evaluation of this activity confirmed the perception regarding the social organization of the participants, the joy they took in the meetings, their desire to be together and, especially, the participation in a recreational activity that gave a new meaning to their lives and prevented the emergence of negative feelings 17 impacting their mental health.

It is worth highlighting that the formative evaluations of the mentioned activities were significantly important in regards to the educational activities, since the evaluative process played a mp4 foston role in the contextualized comprehension of what was taught and how mp4 foston was learned; it also provided security and the constant possibility of planning, aimed at the adaptation of the content program.


The somative evaluation, however, was determined by the individualized perceptions of the participants and the researcher. Flickr has finally created mp4 foston single page with all these settingsthis is much easier to do now and is the preferred method - it will shut down all API driven sites. Google has a bad habit of keeping out-of-date links and thumbnails in their search results, I can try to help you remove them.Mp4 Foston Model FSB 1GB do meu uso pessoal que fotografei para modelo 3D #audio #foston #foto #mp3 #mp4 #pendrive #video. A playlist featuring Flo Rida, Chris Brown, Vanilla Sky, and others.

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