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Burning a file to a chip requires that this buffer be filled with the file. To build the software, just run autoreconf -i then '. Advanced autoconf users can use the --prefix, etc options as they wish. If moates flash and burn fails the blank check, try another chip.

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Current time is AM. Self-powered from the USB port, so no power adapter is needed! Then click Load file to buffer.

Similarly, reading a chip to a file is done by way of the buffer. The chip gets read into the buffer, then the buffer gets saved to file. Pin 1 of the chip should towards the ZIF handle. If you re using a pin chip, the chip should be placed so that the 2 extra moates flash and burn of pins are between the chip and the ZIF handle.


See Figure 1 for an example of pin chip orientation. Select the chip you will be programming from the Moates flash and burn Chips list. If you are unsure whether the chip you are using has been erased, press Erase Chip. This will erase all content from the chip.


Load the file into the buffer by selecting Load File to Buffer. This will open a Browse window where you can select the file you will be burning.

Input the addresses of the buffer you want burned to the chip Buffer Addressing. As a rule of thumb, tunes start at the end of the chip and count down. OK, let's move on You may have damaged the chip soldering a wire onto it?

Click "Save". Find More Posts by Carnesd. The moates usb driver is supposed to show up under ports in the device manager, but it will not moates flash and burn it. These settings are important because most of the chips used in ECUs are a smaller capacity than the chip you are programming. Once opened you can go over to the Tools tab, then go to the preference tab.

+STILL NO GO+ help me with moates burn1

Also make sure the interface and emulation device is selected to AutoProm, once that is selected you can go ahead and hit ok. I usually take my car out for an hour moates flash and burn more at a time to get a tune hammered out for some new mods.

All country roads with no traffic makes that possible! Quick and dirty, but effective for those day to day atmospheric changes. Find More Posts by 88gunmetalgta. Also, with the EBL, it's nice to be able to flash half a dozen different bins to the chip in the event moates flash and burn me not having a clue how big of an effect a given change will have.

Bin 1 has 2 degrees extra spark, bank 2 has 4, and bank 3 has 6. Just pick the one that works best!

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Okay, that makes sense. I guess I can't knock it, seeing that I've never owned one. As Orr mentioned The more I think about it One cable needed and it's included in the bundle. I first started the laptop up before I plugged in moates flash and burn burner to make sure that the New Hardware Found prompt would pop up. Here's how bidding works:.

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Really want to moates flash and burn & Burn is a software package used with the Burn1 and Burn2 EEPROM burners, as well as the Autoprom (APU1). Note, many tuning software packages. Overview. The Flash & Burn allows the user to program AT29C, 27SF and AM19F chips (usable as drop-in replacements for most EFI.

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